This all natural product smells delicious and leaves your hair feeling super soft and moisturized! I use it on all my natural hair and loc'd clients. With locs, make sure to rinse extra well. I only wish the bottle was larger!!!


I love this product. The scent is amazing and it is also true that it is light weight and it moisturizes my hair.


Smells great, feels good, and love that there are natural ingredients then most. Love it. I have dry wavy mixed hair. As a brown skin woman a good product is hard to find. It deffinetly is a must try. I will order it again

Egypt Ski

This stuff smells sooo goood and works perfectly it is my favorite!!! Very good product 10/10

Coco Luna

Hydrating your hair is different from moisturizing your hair. Hydration has to do with your hair receiving water. Your hair must be hydrated and then you can add a leave in conditioner for moisture. My hair felt amazing after using this product