En Love haircare was inspired by my mother's wisdom: When you look good, you feel good. As a Professional Stylist, my lifelong aspiration has been to pass on the nurturing rituals my mother taught me supporting women to embrace self love. Fall En Love with your hair and be En Love with you. - XO, Gabrielle Zalina

Gabrielle's BIO

For a span nearing two decades, I have poured my heart and soul into my vocation, artfully harmonizing my life as a devoted wife and nurturing mother to four. My journey was kindled amidst the cherished Sunday beauty rituals of my youth, where I honed my hairstyling skills, guided by the loving presence of my mother and sisters. Fueled by an unwavering commitment to my craft and an abundance of life's experiences, I continue the journey of transforming curls, both behind the chair and through the curation of meticulously formulated products designed exclusively for our exquisite curls.

My love for hairstyling has kindled an enduring devotion, and I remain profoundly appreciative of the beautiful communion I share with the realm of hair, the sisterhood it fosters, and the radiant confidence it imparts to women as they luxuriate in their unparalleled beauty.

All my love,
Gabrielle Zalina, Owner & Stylist

100% Aloe Vera is our first ingredient, not Water

Aloe vera surpasses water as a hair care ingredient due to its multifaceted benefits. Aloe vera is packed with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that nourish and strengthen hair, promoting growth and overall health.

Natural ingredients

Empowering women with professional knowledge is only half the story. Natural ingredients found in En Love give our curls the moisture and strength to be unapologetically beautiful.


To promote profound self-love and self-care through the cultivation of hair rituals aimed at achieving beautiful and healthy hair worldwide .


Empower women through professional hair education with natural healthy hair products, fostering beautiful hair. We aspire for every woman to feel that being en love with your hair is being unapologetically en love with yourself.

Curling Gel

Gel is just forever a curl's bestfriend. Create a multitude of looks and enjoy the aloe along the way!



Make life easy and use our Knot Ever Detangler for the entire family! Thank us later for a tangle-free life.



Amazing purse companion! Take our Forever For Always Edge Control on the go for look refreshes anytime.


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